Social Enterprise Day 2018 International


Time: Thursday 15. November 2018 
Place: Several countries around the world


Danske aktiviteter og deltagere kan ses på: Social Enterprise Day Danmark


Social Enterprise Day aims to raise awareness on and celebrate social enterprises on 15th November 2018.


This page will be updated on a regulary basis with new information.


Social Enterprise Day is a concept originally launched by the English organisation for social enterprises Social Enterprise UK
The last couple of years the day has been celebrated in England and a few other countries on the Thursday during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.


In 2017 Social Enterprise Day went global. Social Enterprise UK, The British Council and Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (SED) took initiative to expand Social Enterprise Day in 2017 and involve more countries. Social Enterprise Day in 2017 managed to involve stakeholders and social enterprises in 23 countries across the world.
The vision for 2018 is to create a even greater international focus on social enterprises. 
– and we need the help from your organisation, to get the social enterprises of your country involved!


How can the social enterprises participate? 
The digital Campaign #SocialEnterpriseDay: 
An important and essential part of Social Enterprise Day, is to create focus on social enterprises using social media.
The digital campaign is easy to take part in. It is set up to allow social enterprises, organisations, supporters - actually everyone - to share statements, stories, fotos etc. that shows how social enterprises have a positive impact on people and society and how you sypport them.
All that’s required to take part is downloading an editable poster, filling it out and sharing the picture on social media using the hashtag #SocialEnterpriseDay.

ExExamples could be:
- This coffee is creating sustainable employment for the homeless #SocialEnterpriseDay
- Did you know that this van has been repaired by people recovering from mental health conditions #SocialEnterpriseDay
- I buy my honney from this social enterprise, that create meaningful jobs for homeless people #SocialEnterpriseDay

Editable poster will be available in October 2018.


Pictures form Social Enterprise Day 2017

Pictures from social media campaign on Social Enterprise Day 2017
See more pictures here


Physical Activities: 
Organisations and social enterprises are welcome to host physical events and activities on Social Enterprise Day. This could be open day events, conferences, presentations etc.. Social enterprises can also make special offers on products. If the social enterprise doesn’t have the resources to create events etc. on the day, it is more than ok to participate in the digital campaign only.


The role of your organisation: 
If your organisation wants to be responsible for Social Enterprise Day in your country, or you want to learn more, then contact Per Bach on the e-mail per@socialeentreprenø or phone +45 40 11 86 40.


Please also visit Social Enterprise UK´s page on Social Enterprise Day and the #whoKnew campaign here



The folowing countries and organisations will be joining Social Enterprise Day 2018:

Social Enterprise Spain


Society for social enterprises in Nigeria


Lithuanian Junior Achievement


Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia


Estonian Social Enterprise Network


Centrum Rozwoju Inicjatyw Społecznych CRIS




Social Enterprise UK






Social Capital Forum


KREM Kreativt og Mangfoldig Arbeidsliv


Russian University of Cooperation


Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia
The Center for Strategic Research and Develop
ment of Georgia


Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark



International organisations
DIESIS - represent a network of Social Enterprise federations and support structures from 10 EU countries.

Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark (SED)| Tlf. 40 11 86 40 | Email: | CVR-nr. 34147981